Associazione Moltivolti Capovolti

The Moltivolti Capovolti association was founded in April 2010. It is a non-political, non-profit organisation located in Palermo, Sicily, where many different ethnical groups live together, so this already creates conditions for having high risk of social exclusion.
Speaking about the integration people often refer to a dynamics that only concerns the foreigner. And not so often people fully realize that the process is in reality reciprocal. Because the integration as such phenomenon cannot be successful unless both sides take part in it. The immigrant who may face intolerance and social exclusion is just as much loser in this situation as the locals who are causing it by their closed mindedness and ignorance. Because they could both benefit from it instead. Exchange is the key that will help to change the perspective and will create space for entering into relations with new people and places.
The association’s aim is also to organise and promote the itineraries of responsible tourism as a tool of cultural enrichment through social exchange; protection and enhancement of the resources of the territory; to understand different cultures and contexts, to overcome any kind of prejudices and to encourage integration.
Beneficiaries of association are communities in developing countries, young people (schools, universities etc.), communities of immigrants, travellers, volunteers.