2nd LTT Activity


The second LTT activity was held in Poland, in September 2016. Its main topics: handicraft workshop, building self-presentation and communication skills are based on FIRR’s experience in working with people with visual impairments. During the workshop our learners received a floristry course, makeup session and finally – professional photoshoot.
We focused on learning different national and regional traditions (local ornaments, artistic techniques, a variety of seasons decorations, gifts, etc.). This all makes easy to learn different places and cultures in an interesting way. Hand-made products are very popular on market and our beneficiaries can discover this as a job opportunity.
Our staff was invited to take part in an Accessibility Training. A specialist from FIRR explained why she had lost her sight and how she was now going about her daily life despite the obvious barriers and obstacles. The session raised our awareness and desire to learn more about people with disabilities and design for all.