Necmettin MELETLİ who is founder and president of organization is Creative Drama leader and works with youth and youth leaders about intercultural education by using nonformal working methods. We think that we can bring new ideas and methods for nonformal education and bring our experiences to evaluate, discuss nonformal education methods. Currently he is working as integration officer at Klippan Municipality. He has experience as a trainer in many projects related to intercultural competences and has been responsible for training and development and responsibility for managing projects that relate to training and development for individuals in our organization. He has experience in creating effective training programs that increase development efforts and overall productivity of staff, volunteers and young people. One of the manager’s main functions includes creating training initiatives that will motivate volunteers at IFALL. He also is participating in meetings to recommend processes changes, plan team activities, and review teams’ experiences with projects.

12642763_10153459406762462_8851728215926408125_nCharlotte Elisha Burgess has been studying Youth Work and Community Development at Leeds University in the UK. She is now project coordinator for IFALL for 12 months. She also has experience with young people and worked with them in a variety of informal and formal ways. She has worked with a range of different young people including those with disability, refugees and asylum seekers and NEET (not in education, employment or training). She has experience of working within schools, youth centres and activities for younger children also. She has been part of many projects as a project coordinator exploring new opportunities for the organisation as well as beginning as a project trainer.

Haikel Haikel: Haikel is a student in Swedish for Immigrants (SFI) and has been attending IFALL’s women’s group for a number a months and actively participating in all activities.
She enjoys cooking food from her own country and culture and sharing her experiences and ideas with others. She hopes to develop her Swedish and develop her life in Sweden.

Zakia Zakia: Zakia is also a students in SFI and been working with IFALL in women’s group. She likes shopping and spending time with others.

İdilIdil: Idil is a student. She has been an active and positive member of IFALL groups for the past few months. She is currently aspiring to work as a operational nurse.
She likes to spend time with her friends in Örkelljunga and focus on her studies. She is currently completing a placement of work in a hospital to further her career prospects and also develop into a youth leader with IFALL.