Fırr is Polish non-profit NGO with a status of the public benefit organization. FIRR interest is related to groups in situation of social exclusion, especially disabled people. We put our effort to enable those groups to fully participate in cultural, public, civil, economic and all other activities. We are strongly involved in the activities improving their educational, employment and social opportunities by providing them with a variety of courses. We enable the acquisition of skills necessary for independent life and to entry into the labour market. We conduct a number of national and international projects:
„Training for people with disabilities” – raising social, educational, physical skills. FIRR provides training involving older and young people in activities in the following areas: self-defense using elements of eastern martial arts, foreign language: English and German – basic or advanced level, information technology, etc. All these courses develop their own methods created for disabled people’s needs. By learning languages they can also study the similarities and the differences between European countries, know more about geography, history, traditions, habits, festivities, touristic attractions, different lifestyles. All this help to develop their vision of the world. We use new methods of work and include social activities, which is very important for people in situation of social exclusion. Our classes have a positive impact on participants, giving them opportunities to active life. We want to help learners, teachers and local community understand that differences can be a real source of enrichment.
„Internships” in public administration supporting the professional activity of people with disabilities – the main objective of the project is increase of employment of people with disabilities by providing complex and individual support and promotion the idea of employment people with disabilities in public administration.
„Fully abled voter „- the main purpose of the project is to activate people with disabilities and the elderly to truly participate in the civil society. Inclusion means also full participation in political and public life. It’s a condition sine qua non for a human rights-minded citizenship. People with disabilities have the right to enjoy their political rights on an equal basis with others. To the project activities we involve people who have contacts in the local communities of people with disabilities and the elderly. We promote information about civil rights under the Election Code and monitor the activities of local government officials in the implementation of these provisions. It is also a good opportunity to educate people about their civic rights and duties.
„Colours of Europe” – the aim of the project was to study the similarities and the differences between European countries on the field of widely meant culture and European languages. Cultural and language differences are the fact of life and the project was one of the best ways to teach people that different cultures, ethnic origins and religious beliefs are great European heritage and all cultures together gave opportunity for all project participants to be united in diversity. All assumed purposes were successfully achieved.
„Digital Champions in Europe” – the project aims to help people with disabilities to acquire digital skills necessary for further education and employment on the open labour market. To make this possible, we create an online community, based on the model of mutual support networks that will be sustain, expand and promote by the community.
„BIFOCAL” – the project produced a set of training materials in a variety of languages for the delivery of pre-employment training for blind and partially sighted people. This lead to greater independence and financial security, allowing them to become fully active members of society in general.
„Accessibility of Catering and Accommodation for Disability” – the transfer of successful trainings methods used to improve the qualifications of hotel and restaurant staff in the customer service for disabled clients. On basis of this project many courses for hotel and catering stuff are organized by FIRR.