November 2015 – February 2016, Palermo – Italy

1. Networking with organizations at Moltivolti Co-working space
Moltivolti Capovolti organized a meeting with the organizations that have their seats at the co-working space in order to present the project “Networking for improvement independency and entrepreneurship to disadvantaged women”, as well as its objectives and activities.

2. Event “Pianta la non violenza” – 25th November

“Pianta la non violenza (Grow the nonviolence)” is an event created by organizations Per Esempio, Handala e Millecolori, and Moltivolti in the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women in order to give life to an evening in support of activities against gender violence carried out in the disadvantaged districts of Palermo, such as Borgo Vecchio and Zen 2.
The program included:
From 18:00 until the closing – Photo exhibition organized by CESIE through the project „Action for Change” to support victims of domestic violence and their children.
19:00 – Multiethnic Aperitivo organized by Moltivolti during which the initiatives of our project „Networking for improvement independency and entrepreneurship to disadvantage women” were presented by Moltivolti Capovolti.
20:30 – Projection of the short film „E’ questa la mia condanna” with the actress and author Mariagrazia Pompei.
A video produced to encourage the female gender to not to confuse possession with love, violence with love and to push the reflection on self-determination for women and to claim the right to revolt, without fear of being annihilated.
21:00 – Reading of poems written and read by Antonella Array.
21:30 – Reading of „Serà BISERICA”, theatrical performance of Giacomo Guarneri with Chiara Muscato and Marcella Vaccarino.
A drama that denounces the physical, psychological, rustic and sexual exploitation of Romanian women who work in the greenhouses of small business owners, segregated in uninhabitable houses in the countryside, often with young children, which in total isolation suffer every kind of sexual violence, the dramatic consequences of illegal abortions.
22:00 – Oriental Dance with Alessia Di Cara accompanied by musician Giorgio Rizzo.
22:20 – African dances and percussion performance with Aissetou Jaiteh, Francesca Miceli and Alessandro Venza.
22:40 – Flamenco performance by the dancers of the company „Flamenco libero”

3. Networking Meeting with “Donne di Benin City Palermo”
The 1st meeting for reinforcing our local partnerships in the field of Women Empowerment. Donne di Benin City Palermo is a group of about twenty Nigerian women who decided to put a stop to the slavery of prostitution. They are all coming from Benin city in the Edo State, Nigeria. Some of them are women draft from slave trade, which decided to change their lifestyle. Many of them are jobless, out of work with children born in Palermo which means that they are Palermitan children according to Italian law. Some move outside to beg for money to survive and support their family, in front of supermarket, in the street.
Donne di Benin City Palermo decided to move forward to bring women of Benin City out of bondage, and Moltivolti capovolti will support their activities, by giving visibility and providing tools of social marketing. There will be also possibility to organize meetings at Moltivolti in order to share experiences.

4. Human Library – 10th Dicember

Moltivolti Capovolti, with migrant women, participated in a Human Library event at the University of Palermo which was organized in the frame of the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Human Library is an innovative method for promoting the dialog, reducing prejudices and encouraging comprehension in a positive and funny way, through narration of true life stories. Human books share their own experiences of life by providing an opportunity for abatement of prejudices accorded by, simply, the lack of knowledge of the other.

5. White Ribbon Campaing

Moltivolti Capovolti promoted the White Ribbon Campaing among its co-workers at Moltivolti.

6. One Billion Rising – 14th February
Moltivolti Capovolti, with the group of participants of Madrid LLT Meeting, will participate in the International “One Billion Rising” Campaign on the 14th of February. Coordinamento Antiviolenza 21luglio organizes for the fourth year One Billion Rising in Palermo, the flash mob against violence against women and girls, in contemporary to all World cities participating. This year the focus is on the plight of refugees, particularly women and girls forced to suffer violence and rapes in that desperate journey to save their lives, as well as forced marriages and child brides. The appointment is on Sunday, February 14 at 10:30 am in front of the Massimo Theatre. The flash mob will be at 11:30.