Banner: We designed a banner and made it prepared by publishing company. In order to disseminate our Project, we hanged it outside of our organisation.

Media: Our project was published in both local and regional media.
Meeting with authorities: We invited Local and regional authorities in our instituation. We had meeting about our Project. We informed them about the Project objectives and activities. Our Governor, The Garrison Commander , representatives of NGO’S, school managers participated our meeting.

Project Corner: We created Project corner in our organisation. We used a board for this. We hanged participants’ countries flags, EU flag, photos from our kick off meeting.
Opening vocational courses : In our organisation, we opened embroidery course for woman. 25 beneficiaries participated in this course. It will last almost 5 months and participants are going to get certificate. Their age rank is 20-52.

Vocational and ICT courses : We opened ICT ,needlecraft, sewing and embroidery, wood painting, soap making courses for women.
Family therapy sessions: We organized family therapy sessions and seminar about how to spend quality time with family members. We also invited the husbands of our beneficiaries.
Personal care center: We took our women to personal care center.They got information about skin care, cosmetic techniques and some tips to feel more self-confident. The professional photographer took photos of our beneficiaries.
Sport activities: We opened aerobic and pilates course for women.
Evaluation meeting: After the workshop in Madrid, we had evaluation meeting with our staff and beneficiaries.

In order to promote our project and involve other organisations and policy makers into next activities , we organized informative meetings. The aims and activites of the projects were presented.

We opened reading and writing in Turkish course for immigrant women. They immigrated from Syria, Iran and Sudan.

Our learners exhibited their products to the other European teams. We hosted Italian, Portuguese, Romanian EuropeanUnion Project Coordinators and gave information about our Project.

Our beneficiaries exhibit their products